COMING SOON!!! 

 G'day and welcome to the Quantum Savvy Central Vic Website. My name is Liz and I am the agent for Quantum Savvy throughout Central Victoria. 


What is Quantum Savvy? Quantum Savvy is a natural horsemanship program founded and carefully developed by Shane and Meredith Ransley using Release Focused Training.  Release Focused Training is based on  three simple but important principles of :                     Horses going to comfort                                                             Horses always having options                                                 Following a repeatable program                                                           Through Release Focused Training you will learn to become safer, improve your confidence and develop softness and lightness with your horse!  


 Join Quantum  Savvy

So come and join me on an incredible journey that will help you bring out your very best and become the kind of horseman you've always dreamed you could be and ................





Here's our first try at the Level 2 bareback riding assignment, and we passed it too! For more information on the different QS Levels and Assignments, visit  

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