My Tack Room


 Isn't it amazing how we often 'assume' that what we are doing is the right thing, or how we sometimes just do things because that's what everyone else does!

I recently decided to clean out my tack room, as  like most of us, I had accumulated odd bits and pieces over the last few years. What started out as a simple clean up became an inspiring example of the benefits of Quantum Savvy.

Before I started with QS I had just started competing in various local events, and as such required specific items of tack to cover specific tasks. For my dressage training I had the compulsory lunge rope, lungeing whip, side reins and the dreaded 'pessoa' to 'make' my horse go round! Once on board of course I needed the dressage whip and the spurs, and of course leather gloves to help with my 'grip' coz you have to hold the horse in you know.

Then there was the showjumping gear- the martingale was THE most important item along side the stronger bit, the dropped noseband and the whip. Of course I had to have the body protector as you never know when the horse might run-out or refuse and just about everyone then topples off their horse.

Lastly came all the bits and pieces- various soft cotton leadropes (they never last),  nylon headstalls (ugh!) of various colors with dodgy buckles, different reins for more grip, different types of gloves for more grip, set of spurs, several different bits  and even a medieval looking anti-cribbing collar!!! 

I sat and looked at all this 'stuff,' all these contraptions and suddenly realized that I didn't need ANY of them!!! All these items were ways of FORCING my horse to do what I wanted, most of the time asking him to go forward and stop at the same time! (Jumping whip but holding him back with stronger bits???) It was really an enlightening moment- I too had followed what everyone else did as 'normal' ways to 'control' my horse. I felt sad and angry that as horse lovers we as a society have seen these contraptions as not only normal but necessary.

Well, not anymore! I am pleased to say that ALL that stuff is GONE for me now, and replaced with just simply the things I need.

A rope halter and leadrope with LIVE  feel that  will well and truly outlast me, 2 longer ropes, and a savvy stick to use as an extension of my arm- NOT as a whip. That is all I need.

And with those few items I can do anything and everything that everyone else can do while maintaining a vastly improved relationship with my horse. I have better skills both on the ground and in the saddle. I can now ride better, my horse moves better and ultimately i am SAFER than I ever was with all that unnecessary gear.

So next time you go into your local saddlery, or someone suggests you try one of these contraptions to help you with a problem, just stop for a moment and think, no FEEL, what you would rather have- a calm, willing and happy horse that you can do anything with with as little or possible, or a few more 'items' to try and keep your horse under CONTROL. I know what I prefer.

Thankyou Quantum Savvy, the only item I need in my tack room is you. 




             One Small Step


Sometimes we convince ourselves into thinking that we've learnt whatever task it is that we had to learn, or that we've 'got it' only to find out later on that what we know is only the tip of the iceberg.

 After watching Meredith and Shane performing in Adelaide, and having the privilege to work along side them and also 'strut my stuff' it is amazing how little I have actually learnt!

 Don't get me wrong, my knowledge has gone ahead in leaps and bounds, but what I have learnt so far is only the very beginning of laying down the 'foundations' for becoming a true horseman. I can see now how each little step builds onto the next, and that NO step is unneccessary or unintentional.

 The simplest of tasks like picking up your horses feet relate to so much later on, like laying your horse down, giving him confidence, building rapport and understanding how a horse thinks.  Again, I am only at the tip of the iceberg but this simple task takes on a whole new meaning when you can see where it leads.

 Quantum Savvy has taught me so much already, and I am still only laying the first building blocks of my foundation.

I am in awe of what can follow, and am mesmerized and excited about where we will go with a deeper understanding of how to be 'horse'.

For those of you considering this journey of a lifetime, beware : you will never look at either your horse and what you do when you are with him, or yourself in the same way again.

 But I and many others can promise you that it is a journey you will never regret, it is truly a journey of the heart, and of courage, and one that you and your horse will forever be grateful for, and it begins with one small step............  

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