Practice Groups are a fantastic and fun way to help you keep on track with your horsemanship journey. They are supportive groups for you to practice, play and join with others to acheive your dreams and meet like minded people.

Practice Groups meet on a regular basis to hold playdays, video nights, organize clinics, film assignments, socialize with our horses and above all enjoy ourselves while improving our horsemanship!

Check out the Practice Group nearest you or better still, start your own! Having your own group is easy, fun and a great way to meet others and keep yourself motivated. You'll receive heaps of support and encouragement from all of us at Quantum Savvy and get an insight into how you could become the next QS Professional.


Start a Practice Group

Kyneton Practice Group

Kilmore Practice Group

Melton Practice Group (simply savvy PG)

Ballan Practice Group (eureka PG)

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